Pink Cloud Assembly and Companions

Pink Cloud Assembly and comp

After about a week’s worth of off-and-on work, I completed “Pink Cloud Assembly” and its companion pieces “miniature galaxy” and “miniature black hole”. I’ve posted about these quite enough, but this is the final set as it’ll appear on the wall. I’m very pleased for once. On a side note, in order for gravitational lensing to occur to those pink clouds, that black hole must be closer than they are. Oh, how titillating!

Pink Cloud Assembly

Pink Cloud Assembly

This piece began as an experiment and evolved into a multi-part birthday gift. I used colored pencil primarily, and I found that the wood was unbelievably forgiving with a piece of sandpaper in hand. Gradients and gentle hues were accomplished by laying down color and then sanding some of it off, repeat, et cetera. I love how one can see the grain of the wood through parts of the artwork.

The piece is named after a song of the same name by the deceased Japanese artist Hide.

miniature galaxyThis miniature galaxy was made as a companion piece to “Pink Cloud Assembly”, and it is meant to be hung off to the right of the sky. I have one more companion miniature planned: a black hole with gravitational lensing around it.

Tête dans les Nuages


I think that wood is going to quickly become my favorite surface to create art upon. I haven’t ever actually used it before, but a recent trip to the art store lead me to buying these mini wood disks. Practicing the application of different mediums on them is rewarding, and I enjoy working with the wood for its lovely smell. A penpal of mine really loved the “Head in the Clouds” piece I did, so I decided to recreate it on a wee disk.


Here’s how she stacks up in size to the original sketch, which was done in a large size Moleskine sketchbook. It’s tough to beat the texture of the edges too: that dark ring that sinks into delightful white bark.

headinthecloudsside headinthecloudsback