WIP: Moleskine Postal Notebook Process Video

So, long story short: I spent much of my young adulthood watching art journal process videos, and now that snailmail has become an almost equally strong obsession, I’ve been yearning to find mail art process videos. Pinterest can only satiate one for so long! Ahem, well, there seems to be a deep chasm in YouTube for this kind of thing, so along with my future videos on notebooks galore (I have a series buzzing ’round my head called Notebook Extravaganza with at least four different parts already), I wanted to share my process for embellishing stationery for penpals.

mail art process screenshot

I began filming today, and here’s a wee screenshot of the making of the first few pages. I’ll show the initial decoration (as pictured above), as well as what it looks like once I’ve filled all the text in and what I do to finish it all off. I really hope you’ll enjoy this video, and I expect its completion later this week. ❤


Gradients of Water and Color

oversized postcard

After receiving the biggest postcard ever from Sweden, I decided that it’d be so delightful to design my own. This art has taken a far more abstract, surreal direction than most of my work, but I enjoy playing with watercolors and color so! Here’s what I’ve got so far.

oversized postcard detailoversized postcard