This pretty parcel is heading to Australia! I carved some gem stamps specifically for this letter.


Random life things have cut into my snailmail time, but I did manage to work on these letters this week! The metallic green bird envelope is part of a lovely parcel I’m nearly done with and can’t wait to finish and get sent. I still love making wee stationery booklets, and I recently discovered the joys of attaching two two-page signatures with washi and then using thread to bind two of those signatures together. The look it creates is too cute.

bits of autumn

These fall trees are some of my favorite things to draw nowadays. I started making them while putting together that wee fall care package for a friend in a colder climate, and now I need to make a thousand more for myself and others!

This random parcel is heading to Sweden with a set of the beautiful Farmers Markets stamps. The envelope was crafted from a magazine page, and I decided that overpaying for postage was worth sticking that Baltimore Oriole on there. It matches so well!

I found some awesome kraft postcards at the craft store today. The paper feels so neat, and the correspondence side is printed with a fanciful “Postcard” and address lines. I gave a few to my dear ole dad and then made this argyle themed one. I love how the gold shimmers and brings together the other subtle earth tones. 

Glorious Swedish Mail

This beautiful, enormous postcard full of gorgeous stamps arrived from Sweden today. It’s huge, bigger than a magazine! And just look at that super cute washi tape.

I’ve finally finished this mail for Helga! ❤ It took so long, but it is packed with joy and love.