A Beautiful Chill


An absurdly cold blast of air will be hitting the entire mid- and eastern US throughout the next week due to the storm over Alaska and its impact on the jet stream. Even we in the Gulf are going to get some freezing temperatures (and even the possibility for snow). Today, the smaller cold front ahead of the big one influenced some amazing cloud formations that I had to capture.


Of course, the wild morning glories would pick now to start blooming. Several vines have exploded across the fence in the past few weeks.


Geometry Underfoot

Kagel geometry

When I lived in the San Gabriel Mountains, there came a point when I avoided the valley (and thus city) as much as possible. As such, I spent many days pondering the patterns in the shadows of the wrought iron gates. I eventually discovered a compass laid into the brickwork of the driveway.

Kagel geometry 2

The Vast Alone

the vast alone

These shots are old (and thus lower resolution), but they still speak worlds to me. Maybe it was a sign from this universe that my first trip to California was engulfed in grey, a harbinger of the trials to come. I swear that bird represents me: composed but wary, alone even with the flock, observing.

Venice fog

These photos show Venice Beach in California, yet another spot along the west coast prone to fog, icy wind and chilly temperatures year round.

Sycamore of Life

barred owl juvenile

The sycamore tree in my yard is known for coughing up baby animals: various young squirrels, owls, ducks and even bats have fallen from its branches. This barred owl juvenile fell from the tree earlier this spring. It was placed on the other side of the fence underneath the same tree, and it was gone several hours later.

eastern red bat juvenile

This juvenile bat, which I believe to be an Eastern red bat, was found at the base of the sycamore hissing at curious cats. We placed it in this small maple tree away from felines, and by morning, it had gone.