Strathmore Sketchbook Flip

I’ve filled my mixed media Strathmore sketchbook and thought I’d share a flip of its insides with you.

  • Media used includes a whole bunch of stuff including
  • Indian ink
  • Faber-Castell Gelatos
  • watercolors of different brands
  • Prismacolor colored pencils, markers and water-soluble pencils
  • Sharpies
  • Sakura Gelly Roll pens
  • cheap acrylics
  • charcoal in black and white
  • and some other stuff I’m probably forgetting 8D

WIP: Transforming a Collage into a Drawing

I’m in the process of trying to reimagine Les Lunes Rouges as a drawing. Working out the placement and pose of the woman will be the challenge! 8D To start, I wanted to get a feel for the thing in general, so I drew it from memory. I forgot the blue in the circles, but that’s an important lesson not to omit that: it ties much of the piece together as Alex already mentioned. XD ❤

Les Lunes Rouges sketch

Now for some thumbnails messing with the woman’s pose. I think I’m liking the one on the bottom: standing tall with arms out.

Les Lunes Rouges thumbs

Clothing Studies

One of the banes of my artistic existence is clothing. I never took the time to learn how to properly draw these textures and folds because of an obsession with first conquering anatomy. Needless to say, it’s time to clothe these bodies! These clothing studies were drawn from references on Pinterest; more specifically, they’re from my “clothing to draw” board. On a side note, I love 森ガール / mori girl / forest girl fashion.

Linguistic note: the kanji character for forest is 森 (mori). It’s easy to remember this because the character actually looks like a grove of trees! Check it out more closely. 🙂

Strathmore Sketchbooks

After being gifted those Strathmore two toned paper sketchbooks, I have fallen in love with them and picked up a mixed media journal in a larger form. Its paper is to die for: thick 100% cotton cold-press. ❤ I just bought it yesterday, but I’ve been drawing like mad. This first sketch is called “mourner”. Watercolor skin and flowers mix with Sharpie and acrylic. It’s hard to see, but the red is shimmering and shifts toward saffron under certain light.

This piece is a direct result of Seraphim Shock’s “Little Gothic” and was done in primarily watercolor.

little gothic

Below is an experiment. There’s a budgie on her earring, bahahaha. XD ❤

mountain nymph


A bit of color experimentation this weekend led to a new favorite: drawings of white-skinned women with bursts of color. XD I love this Strathmore journal so much. ❤


This lady (called “aqua” for lack of a better name) has Indian ink skin and Sharpie hair against an acrylic background. Her tattoos were done with a Sakura Gelly Roll, my favorite tool for adding touches of white to any piece.

aqua detail

Below, I switched to using a red Faber-Castell Gelato with water for the hair and sweater. The black and white are still respectively Sharpie and Indian ink.

redhead crimson

New Tan-Toned Paper Journal

Dear Léo sent me an amazing parcel bursting with love, a late X-mas gift. In it, there was a new art journal, charcoal and a dip pen. ❤ I quickly fell out of love with the cheap sketchbook I found at Barnes and Noble and am so pleased to move into this new one, especially since it’s from a great friend. I just didn’t feel that connexion with the other one, which explains my lack of creativity, of desire to really dive in and get messy. Here are some of my sketches so far!
parakeet sketch

The above drawing is a bit of a speculative piece on what my parakeet may look like once his adult plumage comes in. ❤

letteringNina in charcoal and ink white shirts ink sketches and letteringink sketch