Highlights from a Year and a Half of Lovely Mail

I’m using this little handmade booklet crafted from lovely papers Michelle sent to house some of my favorite postcards from the past year and a half that I’ve been penpalling. ❤


My new stamps came in the mail today, so I can finally send out my letter to Mary and some Postcrossing cards to Belarus, Portugal, Finland and the Netherlands. ❤

The crepe myrtles are blooming, and I just love them. They range in colors from pastel pink to deep burgundy to white to lavender and are very long, abundant bloomers. During summer, it’s like flower petal snow underneath the large pink one in my yard. The flowers are fascinating in texture and shape, and each petal is almost a flower of its own. I did a brief study in my Midori. Also in the MTN, I will be beginning a super serious daily French journal. The two-month diary grid will start in August.

My journal page for yesterday was full of blue and splatters. I was quite inspired by some art postcards I bought. I’ll be sending the first one out tomorrow! It’s a lovely mineral illustration. 

I also received a postcard via official Postcrossing from Taiwan! China has the most beautiful stamps. ❤ The photo on the card is a sea of clouds around Mount Ali.

Today, I received a beautiful postcard from Leipzig, Germany! I just love landscape stamps. 

I’m almost done with the original blank insert! I think I have about ten spreads left before it’ll be exchanged for a heavier sketching insert. I decided I not only didn’t really like the kraft insert (except as toned paper for sketching) but I also don’t like having three refills. The notebook doesn’t care, but I do. I think that when three notebooks are added, none will lay flat in the way I want. I also decided to start making matchbook notebooks from paint chips. I am thoroughly obsessed with paint chips and collect them now.

I’ve been messing around with watercolors (and a few other water soluble media) the past couple of days. I’m trying to push my own envelope and use some colors I’m uncomfortable with, namely browns, oranges, yellows and certain grassy greens. I am a red + pink + purple + blue person, and my art shows it in an almost painful fashion. 

I received two amazing postcards via official Postcrossing.

These are the bits and pieces I’ve been working on this week. My journal page for today turned out pretty good, and I have a random sheet of paper I experimented on to thank for that. Above you can see said paper pictured with a book page feather on it before I tore it into a thousand pieces. Also I just finished preparing a postcard that’s heading north with an alligator on it. I must admit I’m quite fond of gators.

Also, I am obsessed with square canvases and papers.