Highlights from a Year and a Half of Lovely Mail

I’m using this little handmade booklet crafted from lovely papers Michelle sent to house some of my favorite postcards from the past year and a half that I’ve been penpalling. ❤


Paint Chip Postcard

I picked up these super large paint swatch sample cards almost a year ago, but just this weekend did I figure out exactly what I wanted to do with ’em. With the help of some old garden pages, acrylic, white Indian ink and gel medium, I made this shade—called Swizzle Stick—into a postcard! ❤ It’s sealed with fixative to ensure its survival through the postal system. o_o;; 😀

paint chip postcardpaint chip postcard side 2

Landscape Stamps from Canada

Despite the fact that Léo was my first penpal, we have exchanged hilariously few letters due to problems with the post on both our ends. I received her third parcel today, and it was a treasure trove of beautiful vintage-themed items which I’ll properly photograph soon. ❤ Exams and NaNoWriMo have greatly impacted my penpaling time.

Also, I love my Moleskine sketchbook so much that I can’t stop sketching! Charcoal is fascinating.

Story of the Door and a Planner

Because of a lot of reasons, I’m absolutely terrible with time management. While doing some shopping at one of my favorite stationeryholic stores (mochithings.com), I decided to pick up a fairly basic scheduler. I have countless notebooks, blogs and art journals, so I don’t need a whole day to a page for my personal thoughts, and I don’t want to get distracted by trying to fill space in if it goes blank. With a week to a page, I can write out the plan and see what I have to do each day to properly enjoy the weekend. Days that end up blank (I do hate blank space), I can put a cute sticker on or draw something simple and fast like today’s Utena. This will also help me keep track of my mail: each day I receive something in the post, I put a stamp sticker on that day. One thing that I do always want is space to take notes on the weather (of course), and this notebook has a super cute spot for it. A planner or notebook can instantly win me over with that.

Lastly, there’s an absolutely inspirational artist I’ve been following on the internet for quite some time, and I finally got the chance to order a bit of her stuff. I bought the two postcards on the top left and was sent the gorgeous black cat card gratis. They feel so sturdy and well-made. The bookmarks were also complimentary and have spot-gloss in a lovely geometric pattern. Her watercolor pieces are beyond incredible. If you can’t read the link on the bookmark, her Etsy shop is here.

Postcards from Curaçao

I was given this postcard book from the 1940s. It once belonged to my grandfather who spent a lot of time in the Caribbean during his life.

I found some awesome kraft postcards at the craft store today. The paper feels so neat, and the correspondence side is printed with a fanciful “Postcard” and address lines. I gave a few to my dear ole dad and then made this argyle themed one. I love how the gold shimmers and brings together the other subtle earth tones. 

That enormous postcard from Sweden was so inspiring that I decided to make my own super-sized card! This work-in-progress postcard is actually slightly bigger than the one I received from Helga. After I remove the tape to reveal some cool white borders, I’ll decide if I want to round edges, trim it down, et cetera.