Chelley’s Planner Darlings Photo Challenge

I’ve been participating in a daily photo challenge centered around planners this August. Here are my shots so far!


New Purpose for my Gold kikki.K

Despite my love for my gold kikki.K, I’m simply too much of a spontaneous hermit to get much use out of planner, hence my silence and lack of planner-related posts for the past weeks. I’d been dedicating significant brainpower to figuring out how I could still use this gorgeous, amazing binder without actually printing out planner inserts and trying to keep track of my life that way. So I decided to turn the kikki.K into a ring-bound art journal. I loved the single-ring art journal I had earlier this year, and it seemed natural to upgrade, so to speak. In order to protect the hardware, leather and fabric of this beautiful planner, I take each page out when I work in it, unless it’s a simple sketch or paint-less preliminary design. 🙂

This system of having an art journal and an “everything journal”—wherein I keep daily rants, ephemera from life, notes, to-dos, plans, lists, dreams, ideas, fiction, literally everything—seems to be working very well for me. And of course, I have tons of sketchbooks as well. 😛 In addition to these, I also have a large plain Moleskine with a soft cover in which I paste all my beautiful received mail.

Inserts Galore: Updated Kikki.K

From the very start, I wasn’t pleased with the inserts that kikki.K gives out with their planners. The designs are mediocre at best and the paper quality is abysmal for such a nice leather organizer. I knew I’d be designing my own sooner or later, and I’ve finally made switched from kikki.K’s inserts to all of my own—as well as extra cool notebook papers ripped from various journals!

If you’d like any of these inserts for yourself, feel free to check out the Free Printables page where you can find links to the PDFs for these inserts and more. 😀

kikki.k top tabs kikki.k weekly spread kikki.k weekly spread detail kikki.k monthly tracker kikki.k blog planner and daily notes kikki.k vision board + product list kikki.k brainstorming board

New Printables

Merely click on the image to be taken to the PDF in Google Drive.

fashionable checklist

I created this flexible book journal to go along with my coffee lover’s collection. There’s a layout for fiction and non-fiction as well as extra notes pages for when you’ve got lots to say. Here’s the fiction layout.
book journal: fiction page

The non-fiction layout has space for citation, key points and other important tidbits.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.37.26 PM

To help with my own blog planning, I added another insert to my pink and gold collection: this undated blog planner features monthly and weekly views as well as a more in-depth post planner. Please enjoy!
undated mo1p blog plannerblog planner weeklyblog planner post planner

Illustrated Inserts for Coffee Lovers

Last night I was watching Iron Sky and painting watercolor patterns for inserts when it hit me: why aren’t there more coffee-themed inserts? Paintbrush in hand, I set out to create some illustrations for custom inserts, and I just finished them! I’ve been pretty much neglecting everything else in favor of making inserts lately. WHOOPS. It’s just so fun! 😀 So these inserts are what I came up with. Tell me what you think, planner lovers! I totally dig the coffee stain circles for writing in the dates. I gave myself a huge pat on the back for that one. 🙂 Find the PDF here. As usual, they’re A5 sized, but below you can see photos of them scaled up to US letter. These PDFs are high quality. 😉

coffee lover's wo2p coffee lover's detail coffee lover's detail 2