New Stamps + USPS Airmail Stickers!

The lady at the post office just gave me these sheets of USPS airmail stickers when I went to buy stamps. ❤ Those circular sea surface temperature stamps are some of my favorites.

stamps and airmail stickers


Lilac and Vintage off to Ireland

lilac postal notebook for Cara

I’ve finally completed the lilac Moleskine Messages Postal Notebook featured in my snailmail process video! I did minimal decorating on the front because I wanted the stamps to be the art: beautiful landscapes, birds and my only Pegasus constellation stamp.

lilac postal notebook: inside cover

The first pocket was created with ink and houses vintage ephemera from the Deep South: recipes and garden pages.

lilac postal notebook: page 1 detail

One of the best additions is this old Day Runner page from 1994. I couldn’t believe I found one of these!

lilac postal notebook vintage page detail lilac postal notebook: vintage page detail 2

lilac postal notebook: stamps lilac postal notebook: textured paper lilac postal notebook: envelope + stickers lilac postal notebook: mini postcards lilac postal notebook: signature sketch lilac postal notebook: last pages of vintage ephemera

Landscape Stamps from Canada

Despite the fact that Léo was my first penpal, we have exchanged hilariously few letters due to problems with the post on both our ends. I received her third parcel today, and it was a treasure trove of beautiful vintage-themed items which I’ll properly photograph soon. ❤ Exams and NaNoWriMo have greatly impacted my penpaling time.

Also, I love my Moleskine sketchbook so much that I can’t stop sketching! Charcoal is fascinating.

Random life things have cut into my snailmail time, but I did manage to work on these letters this week! The metallic green bird envelope is part of a lovely parcel I’m nearly done with and can’t wait to finish and get sent. I still love making wee stationery booklets, and I recently discovered the joys of attaching two two-page signatures with washi and then using thread to bind two of those signatures together. The look it creates is too cute.

Beauties from Taiwan

Damn, I love my Midori. That wonderful envelope came from Taiwan, and I couldn’t resist cutting it up and gluing it down. Currently, I’m playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and it is fantastic!

Incoming stamps from Gothenburg, Sweden really took me off guard! They’re so fascinating. Also, check out my hand-carved teapot stamp in action! I have more than a few penpals that are nuts about tea miscellany.

Stamp Carving

I finally bought the supplies to carve my own ink stamps! Here’s a happymail stamp (2.5 cm x 3.5 cm if you’re curious), a hummingbird stamp and a cumulonimbus incus (anvil cloud) stamp. As someone who is passionate about meteorology, most cloud stamps do the exact opposite of impress me. Eventually, I’ll carve an entire meteorological set! You bet that some custom stamps will be making their way into and onto parcels soon!