Painted Hills

When I started this collage, I was going somewhere completely different with it. But I’m very glad it took this turn; it was incredibly fun even though I’m not quite sure how I feel about it as a whole. Collage is so freeing! ❤

Ultra Shiraz

This weekend on the 1st, I added another notebook to my ever-changing stack of currently in-use notebooks. I found that a daily mind dump section in my Kikki K was cumbersome and got in the way of its other uses, and I had since been wondering exactly what type of lined journal would best suit this purpose. Interestingly enough, I have few lined journals in my established collection (or at least in the part of it currently with me in Louisiana), and I knew I wanted something fairly thin but with plenty of width and height–wide pages for pouring my deepest musings onto. I ended up choosing this beautiful Paperblanks because of its lovely cover (one I’ve coveted since I bought one of these for my belle-sœur) and because the sturdy pages will support light washes of color.Shiraz side ShirazShiraz page detail

Shiraz inside cover

Gripe Gripe Grape

I’ve still been a bit wishy-washy about using my Paperblank journal. It has gotten quite heavy. I enjoy thickness, but it feels like I’m working with a cinderblock. And it’s only half full! Truthfully, I also miss using my Midori for everything and have still been favoring the enormous watercolor Moleskine when I want to do serious watercolors. Recently I’ve been inspired by some folk art as well as hand-carved stamp designs, and the judgmental birds reflect those styles.

I finally got Mary’s birthday gift wrapped, and it’ll be heading out tomorrow! I love the way it came out; wax seals are great for everything. I hope it survives the mail! You can also see that I couldn’t resist trying out some wax in my journal. I’m exploring some more applications for it. ❤