Little Opi


The tiny parrot will sit on my hand these days, likes experimenting with a range of sounds and is fully adjusted to his new life after two weeks. Opi chirps to call the dogs while running around the bottom of the cage to peer out at them. He’s a curious little guy and looks around at everything he can see–but he still very much loves the safety of his cage. His favorite pastime seems to be singing. I play music for him during midday, and he likes progressive rock the most, it seems. He’s certainly not a fan of my hard dubstep and doesn’t really like System either. XD



One love that I’ve had my whole life is an adoration for birds. This is my little budgerigar Opium. He’s an incredibly intelligent, talkative little guy.


Budgies rely primarily on their sight, which is far better than ours and also encompasses the ultraviolet spectrum. In the US, budgerigars are called parakeets, and the companionship that these little creatures can provide is often overlooked. I myself was surprised to learn that parakeets are the smallest parrot in the world and rank among the top mimicking birds. They’re known for their beautiful voices, large vocabularies and natural tendency to mash up learned words and phrases.

Tiny Feathered Dancer

journal for a tiny dancerYesterday, James and I welcomed a tiny feathered dancer into our wee family: a young budgie (also called parakeets). I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess it is a male, but we won’t know for sure until it gets a bit older and its cere color changes to its permanent color. Of course, I started a notebook just for the little guy (or lady) and taped in its first lost feather.

The shitty photo below was taken last night in the dark when it was still terrified out of its little mind. The stripes on its forehead go all the way to the cere which means it’s probably under four months old. The further up the forehead the stripes recede, the older the bird. This is of course untrue for certain types like the albino variety. It’s only day two, and both the bird and the cats are adjusting well. S/he went about normal morning preening while I put the cats through some positive therapy to associate the bird with good, calm things. This involves picking them up and holding them on their side a bit. I let them look at the bird all they want, but I vigorously pet them in all their favorite spots which releases happy chemicals into their bodies. You can watch their body language change from hunting mode to lazy kitty in a matter of seconds, though they still quite intently stare. After a couple weeks of this, I hope they’ll begin to associate it with being petted, which should start to modify their attitude. 🙂 Major Tom has already gathered that it’s mine somehow, and he knows he’s not allowed to get too close to the cage.

tiny dancer

I love this little bird so much.