Mixed Media Parakeet Sketch


I saw a beautiful blue, white and black parakeet today that will probably grow up to look like this! This was done with watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic and a Sakura Gelly Roll in my Moleskine sketchbook.


Portrait Practice


I need as much practice with portraits as I can get, and I found a lovely Swedish lady (@elainelilje) on Instagram who didn’t mind me using one of her photos as a study. This has just reaffirmed that I’m terrible at capturing one’s likeness. The right page was an utter failure, so I just played around with it a bit and explored how blood might run along the surface of one’s skin.


Here’s the whole spread including a printed off version of the original photo. I used colored pencil and watercolor in my trusty Moleskine sketchbook. I’m not happy with how this turned out at all. The tilt and angle of her head and face made this piece especially challenging, and I think I’ll give it another go. Next time, I’ll select different photo with a more straightforward position of the head. Perhaps it’ll be easier to capture her likeness that way.


wpid-20141106_122117.jpgI recently found out from a friend that November isn’t just National Novel Writing Month, but it’s also National Journaling Month! Oh boy, isn’t that delightful? I decided to try to fill up a whole two-page spread each day. Yesterday’s mishmash of sketches was inspired by the parents of the barred owl. I got a glimpse of them in the sycamore and decided to use my old photo of the juvenile as a value study.


Creative November


I’ve been working in my Moleskine like mad for the past few weeks, and the onset of NaNoWriMo plus the acquisition of awesome new pens have just increased my creative drive.


I searched for markers this weekend and ended up picking up some Faber-Castell artist pens with brush tips: a set of six shades of grey and a set of six shades of blue. They’re lovely, and they play so nicely with my Staedtler pens (the red in the page above was done in Staedtler). ❤ I’ve been playing with them and various techniques for drawing over patterned and pre-painted paper.