Surprise! Vintage Papers from Mary

Today is sucking like a Czech prostitute. What better to make up for it than this lovely surprise mail from Mary! This was the perfect day for it to arrive, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me through this shitstain of a day. 😀 So many awesome vintage papers– ❤ Sit back and enjoy as I did! 🙂surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary


Dried Flowers off to California

Behold the wonder that is Microfleur! XD I picked all of the dried flowers below on the same day. Look at that color retention!

springtime for Mary

Even these incredibly delicate iris petals kept their soft purple.

dried iris petals

When drying the columbine flower below, I had to cut remove 1/3 of its petals to reveal the structure inside. ❤dried columbine Opi feathers

Map Envelope for Mary

map envie for Mary

I seriously can’t get enough of this map paper. ❤ And I’m currently obsessed with gold for obvious reasons, so I decided to put together a gold and red parcel with blue accents. It came out better than I thought it would! I must admit that a suck at coordinating letters, so 2015 will be the time to practice my theming. XD

golden letter with doyly gold theme with blue and red accentsbits and bobs in gold and red

Mary Christmas

Please forgive the title! I had to since this mail is for dear Mary! XD

homemade scroll 2

I’ve had this long piece of handmade paper (given to me by Helga) for many months and just yesterday inspiration struck! Sometimes hoarding is the thing to do! ;D With some sanded and painted chopsticks, I created a lovely scroll to house my Christmas letter to Mary.

homemade scroll

homemade scroll + feets

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. For closure, I decided a simple tied ribbon would do. I didn’t want to use a wax seal for fear of damaging the scroll before it is opened. Here you can see how long it is next to my size 6 feets. ❤

X-mas for Mary

Other gifts are wrapped in kraft paper and stamped tissue paper. The stamps Léo gave me made some simple tissue paper look fancy as hell. I left the piece below on top of the package for Mary to use however she pleases. It’s my favorite.

ex libris tissue

fanciful tissue paper