Mountain Man

I walked outside to this scene of James cooking eggs on the cast-iron stove. On a side note, it’s a delightful 70 degrees today, and there are actually no mountains in Louisiana. XDmountain man James


2015 Mantras

James and Tom

James and Major Tom

I can’t say this has been the best year, but it hasn’t been the worst. Here’s to hoping 2015 is the start of a new beginning. 🙂

I’d like to share my mantras for 2015 with you; these are just sentiments that I’ll be personally holding onto throughout the year because I feel that’ll make a positive change to my life. I’m in desperate need for one of those!

  • Read, read, read.
  • Write about everything.
  • Create art every day. Write every day. Read every day. Daydream every day.
  • Anything is possible. Believe it with your whole being.
  • Guard your time.
  • Let positivity envelope and consume you. Choose optimism; choose happiness. Resist negative thoughts wholeheartedly.
  • Go on adventures–adventures in your mind, adventures around the block and to other countries, adventures to other planes of existence and being.
  • Find the wonder. It’s hiding all around you.
  • Create attainable goals and take steps toward them daily. Cultivate good habits. Hold yourself accountable.
  • But don’t be too hard on yourself. ❤
  • Be the best version of you imaginable, the ideal you envision yourself as. If there are qualities or skills you wish you had, go for them!

This list might change or get bigger as I finish 2014 and start 2015, but I feel that this is an excellent start.

Happy New Year!

Polkadots and Gemstones for Black Friday

purple Moleskine and necklace

My lover and I have been meaning to hit the Black Friday sales for a couple of years. We finally did it this year and found some awesome deals. This lovely purple polkadotted Moleskine was on sale for 50%, and I got the necklace for free after buying another for a penpal. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Even more exciting, we’ve decided to add a parakeet to our little family–now it’s just James, me, Major Tom and Cake. I’m confident that my knowledge of cat psychology will provide success in getting everyone comfortable with each other and of course safe and sound. My past experiences with cats and birds living together was neutral, and those cats did not see me as part of their pack nor did they respect my authority at all. I have a list of precautions and preparations that will last several months so that the parakeet is comfortable around me first and foremost and the cats understand and accept the bird as under my protection (and then as a part of our pack). I’m so happy for this new little friend that I will spoil rotten just like Cake, ahaha. ❤

Spring Birthdays


This year’s birthday turned out pretty good. Of course it might just be the comparison with the past few birthdays I’ve had. The one I had in 2013 was just the worst, but the past half-decade has been pretty lame as a whole for birthdays. This is the beginning of a upward trend!

Japanese maple Japanese maple

One of the Japanese maple trees is dying. It looks like it was poisoned: even the grass around it is turning brown.

Shasta Lake

Lucy Was in the Sky with Diamonds

I went on a nighttime expedition with my lover. Rear-sync flash seemed to best portray our internalisations in photograph. This night was surreal.