Bloody Lingerie

Indra fought her way through the thick reeds, trudging in the marsh’s wet muck. Her soaked boots were bogging her down, but they were the only things protecting her feet and legs from the sharp rocks and litter buried in the swamp’s stagnant water. She could hear the soft whimpers of one of the caged girls ahead. She tried not to think about how luck alone was responsible for the lack of water moccasins. 

The brunette forced herself to breathe more slowly as she stepped from the muck. She crouched and crawled forward. The light was flickering up against the cypress trees, and their gnarled branches twisted over her. Indra parted the reeds.

“What are you doing? No, no, don’t take my arm!”

She grimaced and watched him pull the shorter girl’s arm through a limb-sized hole in her cage. Indra remembered her name as Amadi. Her skin was a dark, olive-tinted brown. Her scream was shrill and cracked at its edges. 

“We’re going to do this one way or another,” he told her, raising his hand to display a razor-blade. 

She screamed again and jerked her shoulder back. He smiled slightly, watching her fight against his immobile grip. Amadi’s screams had become shorter but more frequent. After strapping it down, the man began to cut along her upper arm in a circle. 

“Let’s make you pretty, give you some new lingerie to wear.”

Indra had to read his lips over her screams, which crescendoed and cracked as he began to peel the skin down toward her wrist.

“How about some gloves?”

Copyright © 2014 Bari Adams. All rights reserved.