Springtime Mail

Did I really stick to a cohesive theme? I think so.springtime for Hannah springtime for Hannah


Handmade Journal

This extremely photo-heavy post features a handmade gift for my dear penpal Hannah whose birthday is on the 13th. ❤ I originally bought a shitty journal from Michael’s: it was hard to pass it up for a buck. Regardless, the paper inside wasn’t worth even a buck, so I ripped it all out and stashed the cover, waiting for inspiration to strike–and it did!

handmade journal

Many of the pages hang out the side, some are too small and some are too large. Call me silly, but I love the disheveled look that seems to scream “handmade by some hippy girl” when you pick it up. ❤ I picked all kinds of pretty papers and cut them a haphazardly. Most sheets have blank backs, so the decorated pages are evenly spaced with solid colors.

cover and page detail

The inside cover looks a little more–ahem–handmade than I’d like it to, but being my first hardback book, it isn’t terribly shabby. I used this tutorial by Sea Lemon to stitch together a sturdy text block. Glue, paper and question marks later and the thing was attached to the cover.

inside cover

random pages

There’s glittery paper, that awesome map paper, sturdier cardstock-type paper and pages from vintage 1970s garden books. Some of the edges are scalloped, and I was hoping that’d make the overhanging pages look more intentional and designed rather than sloppy. I adore that glittery page pictured above and had to leave a piece of it hanging out. ❤

map page detail

garden pages detail

page detail 2

back cover with pocket

And what notebook of any kind would be complete without a pocket? None, I say! Well, except my Strathmore journals– XD Anyways, I’m thrilled to make another notebook and to gift it to such a lovely lady.

Paint Chip Tags and a Floral Theme

I must admit that after collecting paint swatch samples (paint chips, whatever) for a while, I’ve started trying to find inventive ways to repurpose them. Nothing’s that exciting sitting uselessly in a bucket, eh? The key is cutting them in a way that highlights those fantastic paint names, the whole reason I started collecting these little things.

Anyways, this mail is heading off to Germany with a floral theme. It includes some Flow goodies, vintage garden book stationery, stamps, all kinds of wee things. I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much. 😀 ❤mail for Hannah mail for Hannah detail

First Moleskine Messages Postal Notebook

I’ve been holding onto three of these babies for weeks, ruminating on them and all their possibilities. Finally, I decided to break one out this weekend in honor of obtaining a new penpal, Hannah from Germany. ❤ Though we haven’t even exchanged one letter, she seems like a lovely kindred sprit, so I’m very excited to begin our friendship.

Moleskine ostal notebook

postal notebook

The first page features a wee thank you for being my penpal as well as an envelope full of little paper doodads. I recently obtained a tag punch, and I’m obsessed with it.

postal notebook details postal notebook details page 3 postal notebook details pages 4, 5 postal notebook details page 5