GIVEAWAY: Winners of Handmade Stationery Sets

Happy Friday the 13th and happy early Valentine’s Day to all! I couldn’t contain my own excitement for the giveaway, so this post will come out earlier than the 17:17 time frame I talked about previously. So I had been writing everyone’s name down on a sheet of cute Kikki K paper (stationery begets stationery, bahaha), and I double checked it for accuracy directly beforehand. So let’s go on with it! Here are the four prizes wrapped in stamped tissue paper and ready to be sent!

wrapped stationery sets wrapped stationery set detail



Congrats, dear! You’ll be receiving the original stationery set. I obviously have your address, so I’ll simply post it to you as soon as possible!

stationery set envie



Congratulations! 😀 Please email me ( your address so that I can send you the second set!

stationery set 2




Lucky you! 😀 Both of you will receive one of the “twin sets”, as I like to call them. You ladies can either email me (, send me a Postal Society message or whatever’s easiest.

stationery sets 3 and 4

I hope I’ve made this Friday the 13th delightful and delightfully lucky for some of you. Thank you everyone who visited the blog and entered the giveaway! Also I forgot to mention that you don’t need to worry about some silly deadline for redeeming your prize. Enjoy the weekend, and I’ll try to get in touch with those who don’t contact me of their own accord next week. ❤

Now I’ll leave you with a delightful photo of the hat everyone’s name found its way into! 😀

The Hat of Destiny


Surprise: Extra Giveaway Prizes!


So, I kind of went overboard and spent some of the week crafting extra sets for my giveaway. The handmade stationery set giveaway will be ending tomorrow at noon CST, but I won’t be picking only one winner nor two. I won’t even be picking three. There will be four winners announced tomorrow, and each will receive a stationery set. I’ll be awarding the prizes chronologically for fairness. Winner one will receive the original stationery set offered in the first post. The second name from the hat will receive this set, which is the second one I crafted (I call it Prototype 2). It comes with the same stuff in the first one: four 4″x6″ envelopes, four blank 4″x6″ bi-fold cards, four gold heart doilies and thirteen tags as well as a little case for it all!stationery set 2 stationery set 2 detail stationery set 2 envelope detail stationery set 2 cards

Winners three and four will receive these stationery sets which are identical to the first two except that they lack doilies. I ran out of doilies. 😦 As consolation, I included double the tags! There is a different surprise in each one, and you’ll just have to get them to find out what that is.

stationery sets 3 and 4 stationery sets 3 and 4 back sets 3 and 4 open stationery set 3 tag details

Not only is making these extremely addicting, but I wanted to really give back to the snailmail community for how much it has helped and healed me this past year. Also, four prizes means that everyone’s chance of winning increases dramatically! 🙂 Later down the road, would anyone be interested in a video or blog post tutorial on how create such a set?

GIVEAWAY: Friday the 13th & Valentine’s Day


Only since I began using a planner have I been able to see and prepare for dates and holidays in advance! It seems preposterous to most, but as I’ve said before, keeping track of time is not my strong point. Regardless, the superstitious Friday the 13th has a particular soft spot in my heart mainly because I was born on it. It’s hard to suggest any solid truth to this, but I also feel that I’m naturally unlucky. I couldn’t tell you whether or not it has anything to do with the 13th, but if random chance could be left responsible, things won’t go my way.

13 is an unlucky number in the Western world because of Loki and Judas, who both happened to be the thirteenth guests at their respective feasts. Numerologists also favor 12, which corresponds to a number of different entities: the Zodiac, the Apostles, the months of the year, Labors of Hercules, et cetera. Whereas 12 represents perfection and wholeness, 13 represents the unknown, that which lies “beyond”. However, other cultures find 13 to be quite the opposite: China finds the number to be lucky. In Japan, it’s four that has everyone in a tizzy, mainly because of its identical pronunciation to the word for “death”: shi.

Anyways, I wanted to do something special for not only Friday the 13th but also Valentine’s Day. I’m giving away this handmade stationery set crafted by yours truly. It comes with four 4″x6″ envelopes, four blank 4″x6″ bi-fold cards (4″x12″ unfolded), thirteen tags and four gold heart doilies. These are made with the map paper, you know, the stack I couldn’t stop talking about. ❤

To enter, merely comment on this post with your name. 🙂 I’ll be putting everyone’s name in a hat and drawing one randomly, then the winner will need to email me their address to redeem the prize! The giveaway ends on Friday the 13th at noon CST, and I will announce the winner at 17:17 CST. Thank you all for playing!

map stationery set

map stationery set Continue reading