Incoming Mail + Thorny Blackberry Vines

mail from Betty

Above is a letter I received from France.

I won a giveaway offered by Pelle Studio on Instagram. Below you can see my wonderful stationery prize! Mary got me addicted to using templates, so I was ecstatic to find this cute blue template with all kinds of shapes. Sticker flakes, a postcard and tons of pageflags just made it even better. ❤

from Pelle StudioThe wild blackberry is doing nicely, but its thorns are downright satanic.


Wisteria So Mysteria

James and I were looking for a fast-growing but beautiful climbing plant to train across the entire fence, and I’m so glad I chose this wisteria. It smells amazing, and it’s making blossoms like crazy! Forgive my silly title. I have a tendency to sing that repeatedly at it when I water it, hohohoho.

Green Anole in the Phlox

I’ve been trying to capture one of these lovely lizards for a while. Generally, they’re too quick and wary to let a phone get too close. This one is a little slow, and since I’ve saved him a couple times from being eaten, he’s probably a bit desensitized to my presence.