Gorgeous New Notebooks from Léo

As a belated birthday gift, Léo sent me a lovely wooden box brimming with paper goodies, stickers, washi, pretty much a paper-holic’s dream. This minibook was full of stamps and clips designed to be removed and reused. ❤

minibook by Léo minibook by LéoAnd of course, here’s the meat of it all: four lovely notebooks to add to my collection. I love each and every one of them!



It seems I’ve been targeted by the delightful and amazing phenomenon that is a random act of kindness! In my mailbox yesterday, I found a treasure trove of lovely golden goodies perfect for my gold Kikki K planner courtesy of Léo. ❤ It also reminded me that I don’t do nearly enough RAKs. It’s time to change that with at least one a month! 😀

golden RAK from Léo

Paint Chip Postcard

I picked up these super large paint swatch sample cards almost a year ago, but just this weekend did I figure out exactly what I wanted to do with ’em. With the help of some old garden pages, acrylic, white Indian ink and gel medium, I made this shade—called Swizzle Stick—into a postcard! ❤ It’s sealed with fixative to ensure its survival through the postal system. o_o;; 😀

paint chip postcardpaint chip postcard side 2

Pour Mon Âme-Sœur Léo

Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014

I don’t know if I said it before, but I ended up buying all of Barnes & Noble’s stock of Moleskine sketchbooks over the past few weeks. In my defense, their stock was the opposite of bountiful and impressive: I only bought three! Léo is an avid user of Paperblanks notebooks and briefly considered buying a Moleskine or a Midori Traveler’s Notebook as her next art journal. I felt like a Midori would be thin for her since she’s accustomed to the awesome wideness of Paperblanks. So I bought her a Moleskine to sample. ❤

Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014 6

I partially bought both that awesome pack of “Cape Cod” themed premium cardstock (trust me: it’s premium as fuck) and another stack of fairy-tale themed paper because they screamed Léo at me. I made the card from the cardstock and included fucktonnes of both stacks. Beautiful papers will be the death of me. XD

Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014 5Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014 2 Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014 3

Other gifts include an original mini painting entitled “Tête dans les Nuages” created especially for Léo, special pages taken from my sketchbook, laser woodcuts, postage stamps, Liquitex acrylic paint pens (kind obsessed with these if you couldn’t tell), Pēbēo Primse Fantasy paint in two colors, ink stamp carving supplies and a pamphlet on an exhibit of Catherine the Great from Dallas circa 1992. As a bonus, the pamphlet is in Spanish! The first thing Léo ever sent me was a pamphlet for an art exhibit in Québec, so it is a bit of a sentimental gesture.

Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014 7

Gifts for Léo: X-mas 2014 4

I redid Léo’s parcel this weekend and added some things to it. I also changed the way that the envelopes of stuff were adhered onto the big booklet because I’ve recently learned that washi tape isn’t removable in Louisiana. If you stick it down and pick it right back up, then it will work fine. But may the washi gods have mercy on your tiny self if you let that tape sit for any real amount of time. I’m glad I removed it so that I was there to repair all of the damage it did when it tore paper, tags and other delicate bits. I’m also sending out a RAK for Helga.

I’m also making my dad a set of stationery—cards and matching envelopes—to take on vacation.

This took far longer than it should have, but I’m pleased with the odds and ends that I included. This sea themed booklet will be heading to Eléonore in Canada. The cover and some pages are made with heavy scrapbook paper with Moleskine grid paper in the center as stationery. Those big tags on the second page are my favorites I’ve ever made. I offset them with some silly, glittery fish stickers and some of my photography.

There are some gems in here: the altered playing card photo frames and the vintage seashell sticker flakes. Those sticker flakes were made from an illustration I found on a lovely website that collects vintage, copyright free images: The Old Design Shop: Vintage Image Treasury

You probably can’t read them, but all of those paint chips have names that fit in with the theme so well. While I do collect paint chips for color inspiration, I also collect chips with interesting or peculiar names (I have one shade called “Draw Your Sword” that always reminds me of the Hound—it’s the color of his armor). I’ve been hoarding these themed chips for a while: (clockwise starting top left) Harbor, Sea Spray, Wharf View, Nautical, Deep Ocean and in the center is Tranquility, a lovely shade of minty green, which is one of Léo’s most favorite colors.

Happymail days are the absolute best days! I received a gorgeous letter from Helga decorated in some of the most inventive ways I’ve ever seen anyone use washi tape. I love photography, and she sent be some gorgeous photos of her home as well as home made stickers and an unpictured painting that I’ve already hung on my wall! She also graciously included a sampling of Swedish coffee and teas as well as some chocolates—I’m being spoiled!

Second in the mail today, Léo (I have been calling her Elé when apparently Léo is her real nickname—silly me) sent me an amazing shaped postcard and some stamps. It is the first shaped card for my collection which is still very small. My stamp collection is also small, but I’ve always longed for owl stamps. I’m so happy to finally have two! A friend on Instagram told me that the caribou stamp from Newfoundland was issued in 1932 before it joined Canada. I’m also very fond of architectural stamps that depict buildings and cities as well as landscapes.

If anyone would like to exchange postcards and stamps, I’m always open to direct swaps! Please email me at kogoeruyoru(at)gmail(dot)com or direct message me on Instagram: @kogoeruyoru! ❤