Color and Texture in a Ring-Bound Sketchbook

ring-bound sketchbook

Over the weekend, my mind was opened to a very interesting kind of ring-bound sketchbook. I bought another set of Faber-Castell Gelatos, this time with samples of textured pastes to experiment with: whipped spackle, glaze, glass bead glitter gel (?!) and the usual gel medium and gesso. Inside came this metal ring and different types of paper, all cut to make some sort of bohemian-looking sketchbook. I love it. It came with different types of chipboard, canvas paper and watercolor paper, and I added in some scrapbooking papers and more watercolor paper.

ring-bound sketchbook page 1Truthfully, my sketchbooks are getting full and my myopic love for notebooks has left me broke with so many notebooks and so few heavy cotton-paper sketchbooks. Wooo, go me! So now I can chop shop whatever’s left over the stick it on a ring! As a bonus, this thing doesn’t care about bulk, so texture ahoy!

ring-bound sketchbook page 2 ring-bound parakeet closeup ring-bound sketchbook detail


Painted Hills

When I started this collage, I was going somewhere completely different with it. But I’m very glad it took this turn; it was incredibly fun even though I’m not quite sure how I feel about it as a whole. Collage is so freeing! ❤

Wee Book Extravaganza!

Since my last post about wee books (actually my last post heh), I’ve been incessantly creating as many wee books as I possibly could. I also have an excess of vintage 1970s garden books. Put them together and you get these wee embellished garden booklets! 😀 They finally provided an excuse to use some cute wire flowers and other 3D charms I’ve been hoarding for months.

garden booklets garden booklets rose booklet gear booklet floral booklet

It seems to work best with a sheet of rectangularly shaped paper, but using a 12″x12″ square results in these thin things.

thin booklets

I embellished one of these thin booklets for a penpal, and you can see it in the gallery below!

A Wee Booklet of Wee Pleasures

I finally stopped hoarding the awesome little booklets penpals have given me over the past year! This beautiful washi-bound booklet I received from Helga has been perfect to use as a secret book of sorts containing all the things I mindlessly enjoy–guilty pleasures, if you will. XD Take a peek at the cover and opening pages which feature my undying love for crime shows of almost any kind.

guilty pleasures

As soon as I get a new printer (yikes), I’ll be able to add photos, but until then I’ve left a few spots blank, such as the photo corners on the opposite side of this inside cover page.

guilty pleasures booklet guilty pleasures crime shows

Woo, crime shows! I prefer the harder ones with less drama. I stopped watching the original CSI because of how focused on drama the show became. Monk can be annoying because of that, but it’s a fine line these shows walk, and I tend to lean toward shows like Forensic Files–less about the investigator’s interpersonal dramas and more about actual crimes (some of which are partly factual). That being said, I’ve probably spent the most time with Benson, and she’s a rape baby so I figured it was appropriate to put her face in there. XD

guilty pleasures crime shows pages