Master Birding List


broad-tailed hummingbird
✈︎ San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California
These playful but aggressive birds would flock to the grapevine during summer and frolic in the bushes and fruit trees nearby.

California quail
✈︎ San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California
A pair of these quails was always seen together in Upper Kagel Canyon.

✈︎ San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California
Not the most common birds, I first began to notice them because of the bright white spots on their wings that are only visible during flight. They stayed in the tops of the trees most of the time.

mountain bluebird
✈︎ Shasta Lake, Shasta County, California
I saw only one once during our brief stay at Tsasdi.

canada goose
✈︎ Redding, California
These birds were common in clearings in Redding, Anderson and Shasta Lake.


✈︎ Dayton, Ohio

canada goose
✈︎ Columbus, Ohio
Extremely common around all of Ohio, these birds waited in line with us at Zoombezi Bay.


barred owl
These owls often nest in the sycamore outside and spring yields frequent sightings. In 2014, a juvenile barred owl fell from the tree during fledging and presumably flew off several hours later due to lack of evidence to suggest it was killed.

northern mockingbird
Common pests, these birds are aggressive and persistent.

red-bellied woodpecker
Harder to spot than most birds, these guys have a confusing name. The red is actually on their heads while their bellies remain white.

cedar waxwing
From what I gather, this species is migratory but generally found in more northern locations. I have only seen them once, and I assume it was while they were transitioning during fall.

European starling
These are a common bird easily mistakable for blackbirds from afar. Up close, their plumeage is spotted.

black-throated green warbler

Cooper’s hawk

blue jay

American robin

Redding, California