Revolutionary Girl Utena (少女革命ウテナ): Halfway Ramble

21/39 episodes (54% complete)

After many years of being thoroughly obsessed with anime and manga (I literally breathed the stuff), I took a long hiatus. But now I’m back, and boy, do I have a lot of shows and books to catch up on! I had actually heard about Utena from pretty much everywhere on the net that anime came up. I don’t know why, but I was hooked by the third or fourth episode. It made me laugh quite a bit from the very start. It took me a while to truly care about the characters, and it was initially the the absurd fantasy that hooked me (and a bit of comedy), but once I did care about the characters, I cared. Each lives in its own world (as we truly do), and once you get into the Black Rose Saga, that becomes a central focus of the series. It’s very realistic (though simplified at times) in its portrayal of people’s psychology.

I’m currently about in the middle of the series and things are just beginning to get really juicy.

I’m skeptical of everything that looks “too good to be true”, and Akio is the epitome of that. Anthy’s personality is still so passive that she incites my suspicions. I find myself wondering when the series will show her personal motivations and how I’ll feel about them. It was super creepy when Akio told her to get as close as possible to Utena. From the very beginning that Akio was introduced, I knew he’d be trouble for Utena. If Touga was able to get under her skin as much as he did, Akio’s going to be a bastard.

Also, I find a lot of sympathy with Utena for a lot of reasons but also because apparently she’s an only child, which I am. Something about the way she acts seems to convey this (another testament to the show’s portrayal of characters’ mindset or a testament to my delusions). A constant theme in this show seems to be the relationship shared between siblings of varying ages, genders, et cetera. The vast majority (okay, I think it’s really all) of the siblings in the show are obsessed with their kin, and a fair amount of incest goes on. As an only child, I find these parts kind of alienating and weird but very interesting.

Of course, the reason I’m actually still here: that fucking up-side-down spinning castle, the Sword of Dios and world revolution. I still have absolutely no idea about how the Rose Bride became the Rose Bride or where the sword came from and why. The letters received by the student council make zero sense to me other than knowing they come from somewhere and apparently predict shit. Most importantly, what is this revolution and when will it be brought to the world? I get that Akio is probably Utena’s prince and the guy that jumps down from the castle to fuel her noble fury, but that doesn’t really explain anything. In fact, it creates a lot more questions for me.