Free Printables

Welcome to my page of free printables for personal use in planners, notebooks and for just plain fun. ❤ Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Though most are A5-sized, they should scale down or up nicely.


💖🌟 gold and pink themed 🌟💖
  • incoming/outgoing snailmail tracker ☛ PDF
  • April/May monthly tracker ☛ PDF
  • April – July 2015 month-on-two-pages calendars ☛ PDF
  • brain-dump/vision-board ☛ PDF
  • to-do list ☛ PDF
  • undated week-on-two-pages ☛ PDF
  • stackable gradient lists ☛ PDF
  • undated blog planner with monthly and weekly views and post planner ☛ PDF
🌹 earthy floral deco 🌹
  • April – July 2015 month-on-two-pages calendars ☛ PDF
  • undated daily notes or day-on-one-page with two design options ☛ PDF
  • to-do list ☛ PDF
🍉 pink and mint 🍉
  • undated daily journal with deco bubbles for ideas, blog planner, meals, to-do, etc ☛ PDF
☕︎ coffee lover’s collection ☕︎
  • undated week-on-two-pages ☛ PDF
  • April – July 2015 month-on-two-pages ☛ PDF
  • book journal with fiction and non-fiction pages and extra notes pages ☛ PDF
👗 fashionable ladies 👗
  • gold and pink dress to-do list ☛ PDF
🐸 poison dart frog collection 🐸
  • notes/stationery with customizable dialogue bubble ☛ PDF
  • encouraging to-do lists ☛ PDF
  • black and white point-and-shoot camera ☛ image
  • Polaroid-style color camera ☛ image

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Terms of Use: These inserts are free for personal use, but you may not sell them in any way: digitally, physically or otherwise. If you want to share them, that’s absolutely no problem! But please link back to my Facebook page or my blog. 🙂 Just being clear to avoid confusion. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Free Printables

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