Közi, “Nocturne”

I still love you,
but I am sleeping in the bottom of the lake.


Soundgarden, “Bones of Birds”

Time is my friend,
till it ain’t and runs out.
And that is all that I have
till it’s gone.

Try to build a home, bones of birds
singing in the cold and fall to earth—

Hey, sometimes she won’t cry
when the smallest one is drowned,
too weak to survive, probably—

Sting, “Desert Rose”

هدي مدة طويلة
hadaee mada tawila
وانا نحوس انا وعلا غزالتي
wa ana nahos ana wahala ghzalti
(Oh night, oh night–
It has been a long time,
and I am looking for myself and my loved one.)

I dream of rain.
I dream of gardens in the desert sand.
I wait in vain.
I dream of love as time runs through my hands.

I dream of fire.
Those dreams are tied to a horse that will never tire.

The White Stripes, “Little Ice Cream Soda”

Each beautiful thing I come across
tells me to stop moving and shake this riddle off.
Oh well.

And there was a time when all I wanted
was my little ice cream cone and my little cream soda.
Oh well, oh well.

And a wooden box and an alley full of rocks
was all I had to care about.
Oh well, oh well, oh well.

Now my mind is filled with rubber tires
and forest fires
and whether I’m a liar
and lots of other situations
where I don’t know what to do–
at which time life screams to me,
“There’s nothing left for me to tell you!
Nothing left!”
Oh well, oh well, oh well, oh well.