Continuing the Journey

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of room on this blog for images. Tumblr has now become my permanent home, and due to its lack of storage limitations, I expect to remain there.

Vintage 1974 Seashell Book

I’m gonna have to read this a couple times before I bring myself to cut it up–if ever. XD

Overflowing Red River

overflowing swamp

The river is actually tucked away behind the farthest tree line, but recent rainfall has raised its waters to cover this park. Below, you can see the railing of a pier usually four to six feet above the water, now submerged.submersed swamp walkway waterlogged flowers

The beautiful scene of flowers fighting to get above the water’s surface was frequent. I was able to check something off of my bucket list: walk on paved road that’s underwater. ❤submerged park

Incoming Mail + Thorny Blackberry Vines

mail from Betty

Above is a letter I received from France.

I won a giveaway offered by Pelle Studio on Instagram. Below you can see my wonderful stationery prize! Mary got me addicted to using templates, so I was ecstatic to find this cute blue template with all kinds of shapes. Sticker flakes, a postcard and tons of pageflags just made it even better. ❤

from Pelle StudioThe wild blackberry is doing nicely, but its thorns are downright satanic.