Continuing the Journey

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of room on this blog for images. Tumblr has now become my permanent home, and due to its lack of storage limitations, I expect to remain there.
Advertisements Notebook Spreads

I haven’t shared any shots of my notebook spreads recently, and I am just so in love with this Bando notebook that I couldn’t let that continue! As it always seems to go, the thrill of whatever planner challenge I was participating in earlier this month has dissipated; I’m once again struggling to find a way to use my kikki.K without shoving myself into a box that doesn’t suit me. Last week, I set my kikki.K aside for perhaps the last time. Despite how I enjoyed that white birch notebook, the deep connection just wasn’t there. So I transferred all of my addresses, to-dos and even drew a spontaneous calendar into my Bando. The pages are sturdy, thick and hold up to inks and paints well. Dare I say that this could even serve as an art journal?

Vintage 1974 Seashell Book

I’m gonna have to read this a couple times before I bring myself to cut it up–if ever. XD

Chelley’s Planner Darlings Photo Challenge

I’ve been participating in a daily photo challenge centered around planners this August. Here are my shots so far!

Handmade Hardcover Notebook Mark II

Using the same methods as last time, I made another hardcover notebook–this time entirely from scratch. The cover consists of three pieces of cardboard covered in fabric. For the text block, I used a combination of scrapbooking papers, heavyweight and regular weight drawing papers and envelopes.