Hi! Bonjour ! Willkommen! Hej! こんにちわ!

Hi! Bonjour ! Willkommen! Hej! こんにちわ!

This is the blog of a wandering artist, photographer and writer named Bari Adams. My pseudonyms include Baron Vaun and Kitty Grey, though I rarely use them anymore.

I adore language, science and art, but I’m content learning nearly anything. My interests are many: culture, history, archaeology, meteorology, geology, astronomy, biology, literature, music, philately. This blog houses a taste of all of the above as well as my own psychotic ramblings. I grapple with various invisible illnesses and use writing, notebooks and art as tools to combat them.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to support my art and writing to a greater extent, you can also become part of my Patreon community here.

If you want to chat, ask a question, collaborate, discuss partnerships or get some art, send me an email to kogoeruyoru@gmail.com. I love meeting new people and am always open to conversation. ❤



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