Continuing the Journey

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of room on this blog for images. Tumblr has now become my permanent home, and due to its lack of storage limitations, I expect to remain there.

3 thoughts on “Continuing the Journey

  1. Good on you for filling it with so much content, but I’m stil sad to see you move over there – I’m impossibly bad at checking my bloglovin!
    Should you ever run into a similar problem over there you could always consider hosting your pictures somewhere else – I use shutterfly 🙂

    All the best of luck!

    • Thank you, dear! Honestly, I plan on running with Blogger until I decide if I’d like to upgrade my WP account. Storage for photos is always an issue for me. My poor computer itself was filled long ago. 😂😂
      I’m just awful at checking Bloglovin’ too, but I’m trying to get better. I miss so much awesome stuff from you guys. 😑😦


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