Inserts Galore: Updated Kikki.K

From the very start, I wasn’t pleased with the inserts that kikki.K gives out with their planners. The designs are mediocre at best and the paper quality is abysmal for such a nice leather organizer. I knew I’d be designing my own sooner or later, and I’ve finally made switched from kikki.K’s inserts to all of my own—as well as extra cool notebook papers ripped from various journals!

If you’d like any of these inserts for yourself, feel free to check out the Free Printables page where you can find links to the PDFs for these inserts and more. 😀

kikki.k top tabs kikki.k weekly spread kikki.k weekly spread detail kikki.k monthly tracker kikki.k blog planner and daily notes kikki.k vision board + product list kikki.k brainstorming board


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