Surprise! Vintage Papers from Mary

Today is sucking like a Czech prostitute. What better to make up for it than this lovely surprise mail from Mary! This was the perfect day for it to arrive, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me through this shitstain of a day. 😀 So many awesome vintage papers– ❤ Sit back and enjoy as I did! 🙂surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary surprise mail from Mary


9 thoughts on “Surprise! Vintage Papers from Mary

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a crappy day! It looks like that mail made up for it though 🙂 The Danse Macabre paper reminds of The Faint (they have an album with that same name). Here is to a better evening!

    • Holy shit, I can’t believe you are into The Faint. James introduced them to me years ago, and I learned recently that they’re actually pretty obscure. I guess that’s why you’re the first person I’ve come across who knows them. o_o Their lyrics make me feel not so alone, ha ha ha. ❤

      • Oh! That makes me super happy that you know who they are 🙂 I’ve been listening to them since high school, and I’ve been lucky enough to see them live three times. They are so good; definitely one of my faves!

      • ❤❤👍👍 Lucky you! I’ve seen embarrassingly few live shows, but I did manage to see D’espairsRay in 2008 before the vocalist stopped being able to sing.

    • And thanks for the kind wishes! 😀 Pretty paper can make up for anything. If I ever need a limb amputated (left leg, please), paperstuffs are gonna get me through it. XD


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