Color and Texture in a Ring-Bound Sketchbook

ring-bound sketchbook

Over the weekend, my mind was opened to a very interesting kind of ring-bound sketchbook. I bought another set of Faber-Castell Gelatos, this time with samples of textured pastes to experiment with: whipped spackle, glaze, glass bead glitter gel (?!) and the usual gel medium and gesso. Inside came this metal ring and different types of paper, all cut to make some sort of bohemian-looking sketchbook. I love it. It came with different types of chipboard, canvas paper and watercolor paper, and I added in some scrapbooking papers and more watercolor paper.

ring-bound sketchbook page 1Truthfully, my sketchbooks are getting full and my myopic love for notebooks has left me broke with so many notebooks and so few heavy cotton-paper sketchbooks. Wooo, go me! So now I can chop shop whatever’s left over the stick it on a ring! As a bonus, this thing doesn’t care about bulk, so texture ahoy!

ring-bound sketchbook page 2 ring-bound parakeet closeup ring-bound sketchbook detail


2 thoughts on “Color and Texture in a Ring-Bound Sketchbook

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