More Lists in my Golden Beauty

Not only can you peek into my notebooks, but you can also get to know me a bit better by reading my not-so-concise lists. So I’m verbose. I have lots to say about everything, but it’s probably not terribly appropriate. XD

Listers Gotta List more entries

I don’t think the creator nor many of the participants in this event truly understand what a phobia is and what people who actually have phobias go through. As such, I changed the title of that list to “Things I Fear”. It really bothers me when people misuse such powerful words. Anyways, read about the things I fear and tell me they aren’t creepy. 😀 Also the “Things I Need to Improve” list became “Things I’ve Improved (About Myself)”. I spent several years picking apart my own flaws rather ruthlessly, and I spent a year or so after that repairing the damage that it caused. Realizing one’s own shortcomings is exceedingly important, but it’s even more important to do so kindly, gently and with compassion. Treat yourself as you would your best friend: understanding but firm, empathetic but unwavering. So I gave myself a break from picking at my own flaws and wrote down some serious personal hurdles I’ve overcome while trying to sculpt myself into the person I want to be.

Below, you’ll see some dreams and my favorite washi! ❤

Listers Gotta List entries

4 thoughts on “More Lists in my Golden Beauty

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  2. Not to get too existential here but…I think your fears are quite normal! Time is the unstoppable force that we want to control yet have absolutely no control over so…I figure it’s best to just give yourself up to it and fill it with the best that you can in the meantime! Sometimes I think about time and life so much that I weird my own self out and have to just stop thinking about it…if that makes sense! ❤

    • I think they’re quite normal too. Who wouldn’t fear their own mortality? Probably someone who isn’t conceptualizing it. Most people put stupid shit like spiders. My theory is that life and time scare them too much to even think about. You know that burden I’m talking about. It absolutely makes sense, and please get as existential as you want. 😁


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