Lists and Clay Embellishments

clouds and raindrops

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in projects! These little clay embellishments are part of a prototype set of thin, lightweight clay shapes I’m making for journaling and scrapbooking–another possible product for my lovely little stationery store. I’ve also been prototyping gift cards, handmade stationery sets and designing more planner inserts. In between, there’s the usual notebooks, mail and art. ❤

lists #1 and #2

I realized I haven’t shared a spread from one of my notebooks in quite a while. I decided to take part in the Listers Gotta List monthly challenge since my brain is soupy and just wants to play around with art supplies. XD Frankly I think some of the lists are a waste of time, such as the high school clothing brands list: fuck, that was so long ago–who fucking cares? But of course some of them are quite fun and some even thought-provoking like the “What I hope to accomplish in 10 years” prompt, which I’m about to tackle right after this post.

favorite quotesFavorite quotes turned into favorite lyrics. Oh well! ❤ In other news, this gold Greenroom notebook is working out very well and handling all the crap I shove into it, as you can see. The pages allow minimal ghosting, but I’m getting over it. Lots of papers and tape should fix that anyways!


3 thoughts on “Lists and Clay Embellishments

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  2. I’m not familiar with the music on your list (*insert middle aged housewife with a flair for curiosity and the unique here*) but I looked one up on YouTube…Honey Vanity by Közi…I can see why you like this. I like it. It’s quite soothing and artistic…almost jazzy.

    • Heh, it’s hard for me to find people who share my music tastes. I’m sure you can tell they’re all foreign. 😀 The translation of Honey Vanity is just 👌👌


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