Prototype Greeting Card Sets

So I’ve begun designing cards! 😂For a few years I’ve been scheming to open a stationery store on Storenvy featuring my handmade stationery sets, mini booklets, dried flowers and some of these greeting cards designed by me! 🙂 I also hope to offer original artwork and photo prints.

I have pictured three sets in their final design stage, and each set features two designs. The first set is “You’re Stellar” with my own artwork on the front cover. Inside, there’s plenty of space to write a message as well as more art!

The second set is a floral pink and mahogany brown set with some sentiments on the front: “Enjoy Every Moment” and “Live the Dream”. Inside, you’ll find some of my photography and space for a note!

pink and brown set

The third set is a violet- and pink-themed set with a soft pastel sunset on the cover of one and a macro morning glory photo on the other. Inside of the cloud card, you’ll find a macro of a rose adrift in tea and space for a note. Inside the morning glory card, there’s plenty of room for a love message and the French sentiment Je t’adore, “I adore you”.

pink and violet set

I have to double-check some copyrights, and I think I’ll need to change a few fonts before the final product can be released, but let me know what you think! ❤


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