Gold Greenroom Daily Notebook

15 April 2015 entryI’m so happy to be part of the planner/notebook community for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is of course the fact that none of you will look at me weirdly when I change the layout of my planner and what notebooks I’m using for the third time that month. XD In the spirit of accepting–no embracing–change, I rearranged my kikki.K’s sections once again and decided that it’s simply not the place for my personal journal. I don’t like to write personal entires, make scribbles and sketches or brain dump in it. I much prefer a notebook that I can toss into my bag and write daily shit into, and the ringed system gets in my way when actually trying to figure things out or create a lengthy entry.

That isn’t so say that it isn’t the place to plan, keep track of and organize information like the products, supplies and files for my upcoming Storenvy grand opening because it is the best. I have always loved ringed planners, but when I became about 17, I suddenly thought they were incredibly lame and out of fashion. In my defense, this was the day of enormous black and brown leather Day Runners. These days, I’m so glad they’re part of the fashionista’s wardrobe–as such, there are so many styles and colors to choose from! Someone with some really pointy, skyscraper heels must have designed my gold kikki.K! XD Kidding!
Gold Greenroom cover page

Greenroom gold notebookThis is the inside cover page with some awesome papers, washi tape, Opi’s tailfeather, all the good stuff. I’m thoroughly obsessed with pink and gold (in combination with either white or black or both) with accents in earthy tones. Many of the printables I’ve designed this week reflect that, and this notebook is the epitome of that! Its cover is to die for.

I had been using that Egg Press notebook for this purpose until it exploded. Okay, it didn’t really explode, but the pages did fall out, and I will never use one of those again. This one has a much sturdier feel to it, and its more flexible cover and spine should withstand some additional papers, washi tapes, ephemera, etc. The paper has this lovely ivory tone to it, and the edges of every page are dyed hot pink. Parfait !

Gold Greenroom notebook spreadAbove, I taped in a to-do list (available as a free PDF printable here) and added in some inspirational seascape photography by my favorite landscape photographer Elena Morelli. I have this beautiful wave scene set as my phone’s background, and I just frankly want to stare at it whenever possible. ❤ Hearts for eyes! It matches the theme so perfectly too, especially with gold photo corners. Usually I am not so frilly, but damn this combination is super sweet.


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