Pressing Flowers with a Microfleur

This is just a quick demonstration of an awesome gift I received this year: a microwaveable flower press! Yay! It’s so fast, and the color retention is amazing. Dried flowers are kind of expensive anyways, so now I can add them into all my letters without breaking the bank.


5 thoughts on “Pressing Flowers with a Microfleur

    • 😀 I’m so glad you found the video useful (even in silent mode, haha). ❤ It's a very wet climate out here–not to mention my lack of patience, ahem–so being able to microwave and press flowers in minutes instead of between books in weeks (or never when they rot, haha). Some people have made their own microwaveable flower presses from various household items like ceramic tiles, rubber bands, etc, but this one works so well!

      • They say that the wool pads can withstand hundreds of cycles before degrading and losing their form. The cotton liners are washable. I bought an extra pack of wool pads and liners (they come together), but I am nowhere near needing them. Hope that helps!


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