The Sad Story of an Egg Press Notebook

Egg Press pagesWooo, that title can’t possibly be good, can it? XD I’ve recently had the most disappointing notebook experience in many, many years—perhaps ever! The lovely haul of notebooks I got from Target included an Egg Press notebook. I couldn’t pass it up mainly because of its pages: a tight grid on each with header and margin space plus a four-year calendar in the front. It seemed pretty perfect for a brain dump journal, something I’ve realized I need. It was cheap, so I wouldn’t feel bad scribbling and, well, dumping shit into it.

Unfortunately, I guess it was too cheap. After a few days worth of use and a couple taped in bits of ephemera, the front cover and binding showed signs of advanced wear: it was perfect bound, but the front cover was cleaving from the text block. A few days later I taped in various things I wanted to keep (plant packaging for new garden additions, mostly), and the pages started to come completely free. The only positive to its cheap binding was that the paper was sturdier than the binding. The pages came apart so well that I’ve since decided to use it as a insert fodder for my kikki.K planners. o_o

Egg Press binding

Above, the Egg Press notebook’s front pages after the ones I wrote on came out—now that those are free, other pages just require slight horizontal pressure to come loose. Like so!

2015-04-02 13.56.13

When affixing bulky items onto the pages, it creates that horizontal force and rips the pages free, as I found out the hard way. 😦 My solution is to tape the pages that came out together with packing tape (so that I don’t cover anything up), stick them in another notebook and try again! I figure that with the awesome ruler template Mary gave me, I should take the dive and use a blank-paged notebook. ❤ Here goes nothing!

red plant notebook Egg Press pages taped in


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