Spring Greetings


6 thoughts on “Spring Greetings

  1. ♥ Moroccan Mint Green Tea….yummy! I love the classy stationery in the second photo! I am a new subscriber to your blog…I believe I made my way here via Skiye Davis’ blog. ♥

    • Why hello, Christina! ❤ Glad to hear you're enjoying this wee thing of mine, hehehe. 😀 Moroccan mint quickly became a new favorite, and I have always been a mint tea enthusiast! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      • I’m a mint fan too–so much so that my husband comments on the fact when we come across mint flavored items! Another tea favorite of mine is White Peach tea…good stuff!

        Good luck in your artistic endeavors! I’ve recently encountered changes that have motivated me to work towards it once again! Tomorrow I’m going to a painting class to paint…an Easter egg! ♥

      • Thank you so much for the good luck wishes! I hope those changes keep working out in your favor. ❤ Hurrah for healing art! 🙂


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