Spring Cleaning

For Eléonore’s birthday (which is actually in over a month XD), I gave her a super classy black A5 kikki.K personal planner. ❤ Of course, she beautifies everything she touches, and she probably has the most beautiful planner setup that I have ever seen (even though I’ve barely seen it–yes, it’s that good).  Of course, it’s officially Spring in Louisiana, and I figured a cleaning of my kikki.K was in order. New dividers! And for my “dashboard” (still feels weird): old documents with Celtic-lookin’ knots–you can’t go wrong. I actually need to finish laminating this one. :> *birdface*
kikki.K dash

I ended up paring down my sections again. I’ve found that less is more for me–especially since the ring-diameter doesn’t want to accommodate all the papers I’d like it to. So I now have but four sections: Time, Art, French and Blog. Now that I think about it, I’ll probably move the Blog section right behind Time. Anywho! How awesome is this old tapestry?

kikki.K divider

My blogs and experiences online make me very happy, so I decided on a floral pink divider with degraded text accents. ❤ I do love this one.

kikki.K spring divider

As I’d guessed, the Sugar Paper planner that’d I’d been using as an editorial calendar fit perfectly into my kikki.K, and despite its current emptiness, I’ll be able to use it more effectively in here, and it’s closer to my delightful art section! 😀 It’s actually a bit creepy how well it fits.

Sugar Paper + kikki.K Sugar Paper + kikki.K

Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous paper that I ended up using sideways so that I could fit as much of the gorgeous glittery design on my divider as possible. Ah, Spring. I feel it in me bones!kikki.K divider


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Roooooooh !!! You have such a kind words for me. I love the pink one and the others !!!! You did a nice job !!! Beautiful spring update !! Hope to see a video very soon 😉 ! Hehehe


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