Lilac and Gold kikki.K Setup

Here’s a detailed look into my large sized kikki.K time planner! ❤


22 thoughts on “Lilac and Gold kikki.K Setup

    • Aw, thank you so much! 🙂 I actually use my Samsung Galaxy S5 and prop it against something. 😂 Very professional, I know. My poor Sony NEX-3 is too old to film in 1080p. 😦 ❤

      • Ah ha! My hubby has the same phone as you! The quality is way better compared to my Nikon D3200 in my opinion. Lol thanks for the tip. Really enjoying your blog. Letter out to you tomorrow! 😀

      • It is an awesome phone! 😉 Everything on my blog is shot with it–the video and image quality blows my mind. I bet his S5 isn’t gold though. But I promise I won’t judge if it is. 😂 Ehehehe!

        I really appreciate the feedback! This blog is my babeh. 😂❤ And I can’t wait to read your mail!

      • Yay! 🙂 no his is black. Yours sounds much cooler. Lol I’m getting away from iPhone once my upgrade is up and going back to android. I miss it!

      • Hehehe, the gold reminds me of the kikki.K gold–so rosey and soft! 😍

        I used an iPhone once many, many years ago (back when they couldn’t multitask loll), and I didn’t like the overall feel of the UI, which hasn’t changed much. It felt so stiff and restrictive to me. What do you miss about Android? XD

      • I miss the customization of the android phones. I feel like iPhones are so strict and standard. I’ve only been iPhone for about a year. I had a Samsung Google Nexus before my first iPhone. Then I had a Palm something before that! Lol

      • That’s terribly true! Everyone’s iPhone screens look the same minus the apps. XD Incredibly boring!

        Crazy! I can’t remember the last time I saw a Palm Pilot. Before this S5, I actually owned Google’s LG Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 before that. I enjoyed my 4, but my 5 ended up bricking itself. 😦 And the 4 had a back-plate made of glass! Whose bright idea was that?! XD

  1. It was called a Palm Centro my hubby said. But I forgot before the palm I had an LG Lotus flip phone. We haven’t been on the smart phone gig for too long! Lol I started with an iPhone 4S now I have a 5S. I want an LG G3 really bad. They look like they have badass cameras.

    • Oh man, I remember the LG Lotus. I never had one, but I wanted one. I loved its square shape and flip form-factor–and it still had a full hardware keyboard! Unfortunately, it was for a carrier I didn’t have. Ah, memories. I think there was a purple one, eh? GORGEOUS. How did you like that one? WAS IT AWESOME?

      It’s embarrassing how many smartphones I’ve owned. 😦 I used to change phones as often as most women would purses or shoes. XD

      • Yes there was purple or black. I had black. I loved it. I love anything by LG. Have always had good luck with them! I wish I could change smart phones that often! We’re on the edge plan with verizon now so we’re supposed to get upgrades quicker. We just upgraded in August so until these phones are paid for in a year, no new phones for us. 😦 Hubby loves his Galaxy S5 though so I’m the only complainer! Lol

      • 8D Both excellent choices. If I’m remembering correctly, there was also a little pattern of sorts on the outside. It was a beautiful phone. 8D Hahaha, I could just never find the right phone. XD Butttt that meant I also had to pay full price for most of them. -_____-; Stupid, stupid me. But I’m now a one-phone woman, and my partner is lusting after an S5 too. Maybe the universe is trying to nudge you toward Samsung. XD

      • I believe the purple one had a pattern, the black one didn’t. Eh I really didn’t like too many of the Samsung phones I’ve had in the past (even though they were flip phones, and they have since matured!). I’ve always had battery issues with them. I never had a problem with any LG phone I’ve had. I actually just bought an LG Washer & Dryer with my taxes, I’m so confident in the brand. They make good TVs too. Lol

      • You know, I never really liked Samsung until their Galaxy line came out. My partner has a Galaxy S3 that has outlived both my Nexus 4 and 5. In my personal experience, LG has always been mediocre. My Xenon was kinda bad, and the cheaper Neon was shit. Their hardware used to always be mid-range, but they are trying to produce higher-end phones. Oh, and my partner had an old LG with a resistive touch screen that we both wanted to break in half. 😂😂😂 I can’t remember its name. Oh bad experiencessss.

        Hehehe, I don’t even know what brand my washer and dryer are. O_O Those sound really fancy though. 😂😂😂

  2. Total bummer about the compendium, but I really enjoyed this look into your writing stuff. I’ve never been any good at writing stories (I rush ahead with them in my mind and get a little bored with myself by the time I’m actually supposed to be writing it) but I’ve got several documents to prop up my written roleplays…you know, for consistency.

    But in other news:
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I’m always checking out your blog, and you’re so stunningly creative that you absolutely deserve it. The last two posts on my blog talk about what it is and how it works 😀 Also, is it okay if I use a picture from your blog to ‘represent you’?

    • Holy crap, I’m so flattered! 😀 Wow, I’ve never been nominated for anything before. 😂 Thank you so much! I saw your first post, and I meant to comment and ask more about that awesome adventure you took to China but my coffee cup ran dry, and I spaced and you knowwwww. 😦 Well geez, thanks so much again. And feel free to use a picture! 🙂

      • You totally deserve it! And China was an absolute blast – one of the funniest parts was how on my flight home a number of business men thought I was a famous star after having seen the pictures (how that happened is in itself rather entertaining, people are curious things). Consequently, I had all the expensive wine I wanted during that flight, and one of the guys left me with an open tab in a bar during my lay over – it was pretty great. Most of the time they were whining at my manager for being an imbecile who hadn’t booked me first class tickets – I was having too much fun to tell them I didn’t have any reason to have one xD

      • Wow, sounds like you were legitimately famous for while! 🙂 After all, it’s in the way people treat you, right? Hahaha, blegh, more alcohol for you! ❤ That sounds like a blast though! HAHAA, who needs first class where people will leave you alone? No one pays for your drinks up there, the snooty bastards! XD

        What did you perform? o_o

      • Haha, it sure felt like it, at least. Top notch alcohol, more importantly. I’m surprised by the quality of wine they have access to on flights – I’m normally quite the snob 😛 And yeah, my admirers~ were all in business class, and had loud fights with the check-in desk about getting me a seat (alas there was none) xD
        I didn’t really perform anything special, just a few covers of Regina Spector 😛

      • I forget there’s even such a thing as “high grade booze”. I must admit that I hate every wine that I’ve ever tasted, and I feel like almost all alcohol is a pass at its best, hahahahaha. I do see the point in buying high grade tequila though. 😂😂😂 I prefer medicinal herbs greatly over alcohol, but we’re not quite to the point of having vaporizers on planes, kekekekwkkwkw. 😂😆

        Wowza, that’s intense. Now that I know things like this exist, I’ve got my Idly Searching for Opportunities hat on. 😂😂

      • Hahaha xD I once tried a wine that tasted like chocolate, you might’ve liked that 😉 And tequila is the best of all the hard liqour, but I find very few people agree with me on that one, surprisingly ;’D And alas no, but not yet at least haha ;P

      • Hehe, I’ve tried some fancy ones, some fruity ones, and they were all awful. There’s just a specific aftertaste I feel all wine has– Ehghghg. 😦 I desperately wish I could like it. People have said I just need to find the right sushi too, but I stick by my claim of disliking it. Blegh, well, I can’t say I’m surprised people don’t agree with you. When I did drink, I drank vodka or Everclear, both pretty popular just because they screw one up with the least fuss. 😂😂😂


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