Expanding my Golden Horizons

After moving all of my fiction out of my gold kikki.K, I was able to reimagine its sections. I had to pare down quite a bit in order to fit all my prose reference pages, ideas and so on, so the first thing I added was a French section. I previously used my MTN for this purpose, but now that I’m using my kikki.K planners full time, I had to migrate it. These awesome French paint sample cards and butterfly cutout are from Léo. How perfect is it that I can decorate the French section with such things? I’m still giddy about it. XD

French section

I put the expense tracking pages from the lilac and gold Time Planner in my mail section to use as an overview of incoming and outgoing mail.For future parcels, I’m gonna add the price of postage in place of “in”/”out” or the origin/destination. Behind these pages is a more detailed log that contains some notes and highlights awesome things about each letter.

snailmail log

Thank fuck I have another kikki.K now or I wouldn’t have anywhere to keep the overflow stickers and paper bits and washi samples I can’t stuff in here. I cleaned it all out, and I’m still pushing it.

stickers and paper bits

kikki.K month decoration march

kikki.K week decoration 9-15 march


6 thoughts on “Expanding my Golden Horizons

  1. You have me officially obsessed with this planner. I have to have one! I love how you’ve organized it. How much did it cost you to get one started? They seem so expensive when I got on the website! :/

    • Hehehe, I’m so glad to help immerse you in the obsession! XD I feel myself slipping into a black hole with these things: I’ve already started a wee collection. 😂

      I honestly can’t justify $80 + $10 shipping, so I waited until they were on sale and got this large gold one for $40. I already had all the decorative stuff like papers and stamps, but I bought more stickers on MochiThings. XD Sometimes you can find vouchers for discounts in Facebook groups too, and that’s usually good to knock the price of shipping off. 🙂 Hope that helped!

      • Thank you. I’ll keep an eye on them for sales & I’ll look into MochiThings. Was stalking your blog this morning & I love it! ❤️ you are such a cool and inspirational person! 😊


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