The Switcheroo: Lilac and Gold kikki.K planner

The story of my lilac and gold kikki.K begins sometime around February 11th. For starters, my boyfriend’s birthday is Valentine’s Day, so our celebration of the holiday is pretty atypical. Also I hate cut flowers–they are a reminder of how fragile life is, of how imminent death is. Anyways, this is the first year he’s gotten me a gift for V-day, so I was beyond excited. He chose to get me a lilac A5 compendium from my new favorite brand of stationery and notebook goods, and he somehow picked the exact thing that I wanted for a while. I fantasized for many hours about how I’d use it for penpaling, about how the zipper was perfect for protecting mail to reply to and keeping stamps inside–the pockets, that cute notepad! You know how it is when you finally buy that one piece of stationery you’ve been eyeing for months. XD

It shipped the following Monday, and all seemed well. Yet three weeks passed. Despite the V-day rush, customs and so on, their parcels never take that long. When I finally received the tracking number on March 7th, I found that it was labeled “out for delivery” but on February 20th! That was the last update. What in the fuck? I’d gotten no pink slips, no notices of failed delivery. Fortunately, the box was on its final notice when I picked it up the following Monday. I literally ripped the thing open (no knives required), and to my utter confusion and disappointment, there was no A5 lilac compendium in the box: instead, they’d shipped me a large lilac and gold Time Planner. The knife that had been resting between my ribs twisted and found my heart. 😦 In other news, the A5 compendium I wanted is no longer available. And then the knife was removed, causing me to bleed out everywhere. XD

The ending to this story is a happy one though! I’d already ordered one of those large lilac and gold Time Planners to use for my fiction, so in effect, I received it early. They refunded my boyfriend’s purchase, and I am going to gift the second large Time Planner to a dear friend who has wanted one for quite some time. ❤ It all worked out in the end. As consolation for reading my sad story of planner woe (just kidding–you know I’d photobomb you anwyways ;D), here are some photos of the lilac and gold already set up!

lilac and gold kikki.K

Now that I’ve experienced both the snap and elastic closure, I’d have to say I greatly prefer the snap. The elastic seems very flimsy to me, prone to stretching and dirt collection. :/ This blue SMASHbook elastic has come to my rescue despite the fact that it is as ugly as balls.

lilac and gold detail lilac and gold dash

Tabs include “ideas” which also contains my monthly view for wordcounts, outlet due dates, etc. Next is “shorts” for short stories, then “novellas” for novellas, of course. After that I have story-specific tabs for my meatier novel projects: “Boneyard” and “Strings in the System”.

lilac and gold tabs

I adore being able to print and add in useful information for stories, like this timeline of 7th century Europe with everything pertaining to my characters’ real-world counterparts highlighted.

lilac and gold inside lilac and gold detail

As I use this planner, I’m sure its sections will evolve and change. ❤ It’s just one of the many things that I love about a ringed system.


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