GIVEAWAY: Winners of Handmade Stationery Sets

Happy Friday the 13th and happy early Valentine’s Day to all! I couldn’t contain my own excitement for the giveaway, so this post will come out earlier than the 17:17 time frame I talked about previously. So I had been writing everyone’s name down on a sheet of cute Kikki K paper (stationery begets stationery, bahaha), and I double checked it for accuracy directly beforehand. So let’s go on with it! Here are the four prizes wrapped in stamped tissue paper and ready to be sent!

wrapped stationery sets wrapped stationery set detail



Congrats, dear! You’ll be receiving the original stationery set. I obviously have your address, so I’ll simply post it to you as soon as possible!

stationery set envie



Congratulations! 😀 Please email me ( your address so that I can send you the second set!

stationery set 2




Lucky you! 😀 Both of you will receive one of the “twin sets”, as I like to call them. You ladies can either email me (, send me a Postal Society message or whatever’s easiest.

stationery sets 3 and 4

I hope I’ve made this Friday the 13th delightful and delightfully lucky for some of you. Thank you everyone who visited the blog and entered the giveaway! Also I forgot to mention that you don’t need to worry about some silly deadline for redeeming your prize. Enjoy the weekend, and I’ll try to get in touch with those who don’t contact me of their own accord next week. ❤

Now I’ll leave you with a delightful photo of the hat everyone’s name found its way into! 😀

The Hat of Destiny


5 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Winners of Handmade Stationery Sets

  1. Ohhh…. I’m so excited!! ❤
    Such a beautiful giveaway and I still can’t imagine that I’ve won.
    Thank you very much for letting me participate at this!

    Hhmm, I guess it’s maybe because of the 13, because I wanted to add I’m born at a 13ths too!! 😀
    Not a friday, hahaha… but this year my birthday will be at a Friday!! Next coming Friday the 13th XD

    Love love love, so much love to these beautiful maps ~ ❤

    • Aw, shucks, it’s really my pleasure! I can’t wait to see how you use it. 🙂

      😀 March 13th? I want to hold another giveaway for that date, so what better reason to make it HUGEEEEEE! XD Wow, what coincidence! I was born exactly a month later on April 13th! Small world, hehe.

  2. Ohhhhh god I never thought I would win!! You just made my day and I can’t wait to receive this beautiful set of yours!
    I just sent you an mail! ❤


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