Surprise: Extra Giveaway Prizes!


So, I kind of went overboard and spent some of the week crafting extra sets for my giveaway. The handmade stationery set giveaway will be ending tomorrow at noon CST, but I won’t be picking only one winner nor two. I won’t even be picking three. There will be four winners announced tomorrow, and each will receive a stationery set. I’ll be awarding the prizes chronologically for fairness. Winner one will receive the original stationery set offered in the first post. The second name from the hat will receive this set, which is the second one I crafted (I call it Prototype 2). It comes with the same stuff in the first one: four 4″x6″ envelopes, four blank 4″x6″ bi-fold cards, four gold heart doilies and thirteen tags as well as a little case for it all!stationery set 2 stationery set 2 detail stationery set 2 envelope detail stationery set 2 cards

Winners three and four will receive these stationery sets which are identical to the first two except that they lack doilies. I ran out of doilies. 😦 As consolation, I included double the tags! There is a different surprise in each one, and you’ll just have to get them to find out what that is.

stationery sets 3 and 4 stationery sets 3 and 4 back sets 3 and 4 open stationery set 3 tag details

Not only is making these extremely addicting, but I wanted to really give back to the snailmail community for how much it has helped and healed me this past year. Also, four prizes means that everyone’s chance of winning increases dramatically! 🙂 Later down the road, would anyone be interested in a video or blog post tutorial on how create such a set?


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