Flow Book for Paper Lovers 2

After placing my order in late December and waiting what felt like an eternity, I finally received my Flow Book for Paper Lovers 2. This thing is a treasure trove, completely worth the wait. It’s filled with far more paper goodness than I could have ever imagined. Before I received mine, I scoured the internet for some details on the contents, but many people had the philosophy that part of the enjoyment of getting the book is going through and discovering all its delights. I personally think seeing some of the insides would increase the fun! Not only that, but it’d be impossible to spoil all the surprises: there are more than 300 pages in here! I also thought it’d be fun to give peeks into its goodies to those who may never actually purchase the book themselves.

In the video, I talk about the book and show off some of the pages. Below you can see still shots of many types of the goodies that come inside.

These detached paper goodies were easy to tear apart and are made of sturdy paper. There’s a stationery page, two postcards (with glitter), an envelope and a folding tag. The quality of this book is perhaps its best feature. ❤ What use is stationery if it rips and tears and such? XD

Flow detached goodies

Flow stationery paperFlow banners

Flow postcards Flow postcardsFlow Thank You paper

Flow envelopesFlow vintage-themed letter paper Flow folding tags Flow stickers Flow tags Flow illustrated paper

Flow stickers

I wanted to show what one of the built banners look like, so I went ahead and cut & pasted the cute little tea and flowers banner together with some minty twine.

Flow tea cup banner



9 thoughts on “Flow Book for Paper Lovers 2

  1. Mais quel livre génial !!! J’aime vraiment la page des fleurs séchées et les petits ovales avec les portraits de femmes !


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