Sugar Paper and Currently In-Use Notebooks

Hehehe, it’s that time again: time to update my roster of currently in-use notebooks! 😀 On the top is my Opi-book, which is a little notebook in which I keep all tidbits about my little parakeet Opi. Below that is the tan-toned sketchbook which has become my art journal. Under the Strathmore sketchbook is a Sugar Paper planner I bought this weekend for use as an editorial calendar and to organize and plan out my social media presence. On the bottom is of course my lovely A5-sized kikki.K Personal Planner in gold!
currently in-use notebooks

Of course, I start with the planners because I’m addicted. Now that I look at them, I think this size Sugar Paper planner would fit perfectly inside the A5 kikki.K. Ahem, storing this for future reference.


I changed out my dashboard to these sweet earthy butterflies and stuffed more paper bits in the pockets. Most of those pieces are from a pad called Dark Romance. It has some freaking awesome patterns in it too.

gold Kikki K gold Kikki K inside pockets

Before, I had an “adventure” tab, and I ended up scrapping that for a “projects” tab. Of course, I bought the Sugar Paper for projects because it was overloading my kikki.K, so I changed that section into a daily diary–sort of like a makeshift Hobonichi but without the need to fill in every day. XD I’ve wanted a Hobonichi for a while, but the Kikki K is more immediately useful, so I chose that for 2015. I may give the Techo a test-drive in 2016 alongside my other planners and notebooks. I think it’d make a great personal therapy tool.

gold Kikki K tabs

Next is the Sugar Paper planner I decided to use for an editorial calendar. This one is the “Planner Notes” version which contains monthly and weekly views as well as a hefty notes section.Sugar Paper Sugar Paper tabs

Sugar Paper jan Sugar Paper insert Sugar Paper Friday the 13th Sugar Paper deco

Here’s what went on for last week. The lines are college-ruled or thinner, which suits me perfectly and makes everything look much neater in my opinion. I went back and filled in information for all my blog posts, videos and other content. 2015-02-09 17.17.34

This is the Opi-book, a pet log with photos and memorabilia. Unfortunately, my Canon photo printer is malfunctioning, so all photos are on hold. 😦


I recently posted about my new art journal, so I’ll just include some photos of recent artsing. ❤colored pencil, charcoal, inkcharcoal and ink


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