Prompt 10: Dreams

Some say our dreams tap into the unconscious, the part of ourselves we aren’t in tune with during the day. Write about a dream you never forgot, or you recently had. Why is it so memorable?

This is an interesting topic because I don’t dream like most people do: I have complex dreams pretty much every night that I fully remember–I mistake them for memories sometimes. I’ve been told that most people only remember their dreams once a week or month or less, but it’s a daily thing for me. Even more intense, my dream landscape as of the past year has become like an alternate life: I return to the same places, remember events that happened in other dreams and though things are indeed slightly awry, they’re incredibly well-constructed. My dream worlds consist of entire cities (sometimes multiple), which also makes it difficult to distinguish them from reality.

There’s one particular city I keep returning to in my dreamscapes that appears like a mixture between Shreveport and the Los Angeles Metroplex: it has the geography of California with its valleys and mountains, but the buildings and traffic are more spread out (thank you, brain). Recent dreams include WWIII, being in some Asian city as the skyscrapers fall and many plane crashes with and without me in the plane. I have a lot of dreams involving cars and them malfunctioning or there being accidents. I also tend to dream about random travel experiences, like sudden trips through the backwoods of Louisiana or driving across country. I wouldn’t consider most of my dreams as actual nightmares (I wake up screaming and crying during those), but they are not positive. They’re like life: stressful, tiring and random, and usually I just want to sleep dreamlessly, hahaha. XD

One of my least favorite “recurring” dream landscapes is one that involves some stupid freeway bridges in my brain’s version of San Francisco that are just stupid tall, stupid narrow and stupid steep. Of course, everyone drives like an ass in my dreams, so imagine a skyscraper-sized rollercoaster track, but you’re supposed to drive over the Bay on this thing. Also there are no guard-rails. 😦 No thanks.

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