Prompt 9: Facing Fears

Remember that topic you hate writing about? Well, write about it now. (Then treat yourself to some ice cream.)

But I already wrote about them once. T_T And I don’t even like ice cream. Sigh. Well, if I must.

Religion: utterly useless garbage created from vast misunderstandings about the universe (and aliens) and a need to control fellow humans–what more is there to say? The ones that aren’t flagrantly wrong are still extremist attempts to follow some kind of moral code, which you should not need a religion for. And let’s not forget how the Jews think that their religion makes them better than everyone else or how their religion causes the suffering of countless Palestinians. It seems that almost every religion relies on a false sense of personal superiority to collect followers. Pathetic.

The mains tenets of religion involve assimilation and expansion, which sounds rather viral if you ask me. Religion is a gateway to sexism, racism and anti-culturalism.

And that’s all the negativity I will populate my blog with today!



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