GIVEAWAY: Friday the 13th & Valentine’s Day


Only since I began using a planner have I been able to see and prepare for dates and holidays in advance! It seems preposterous to most, but as I’ve said before, keeping track of time is not my strong point. Regardless, the superstitious Friday the 13th has a particular soft spot in my heart mainly because I was born on it. It’s hard to suggest any solid truth to this, but I also feel that I’m naturally unlucky. I couldn’t tell you whether or not it has anything to do with the 13th, but if random chance could be left responsible, things won’t go my way.

13 is an unlucky number in the Western world because of Loki and Judas, who both happened to be the thirteenth guests at their respective feasts. Numerologists also favor 12, which corresponds to a number of different entities: the Zodiac, the Apostles, the months of the year, Labors of Hercules, et cetera. Whereas 12 represents perfection and wholeness, 13 represents the unknown, that which lies “beyond”. However, other cultures find 13 to be quite the opposite: China finds the number to be lucky. In Japan, it’s four that has everyone in a tizzy, mainly because of its identical pronunciation to the word for “death”: shi.

Anyways, I wanted to do something special for not only Friday the 13th but also Valentine’s Day. I’m giving away this handmade stationery set crafted by yours truly. It comes with four 4″x6″ envelopes, four blank 4″x6″ bi-fold cards (4″x12″ unfolded), thirteen tags and four gold heart doilies. These are made with the map paper, you know, the stack I couldn’t stop talking about. ❤

To enter, merely comment on this post with your name. 🙂 I’ll be putting everyone’s name in a hat and drawing one randomly, then the winner will need to email me their address to redeem the prize! The giveaway ends on Friday the 13th at noon CST, and I will announce the winner at 17:17 CST. Thank you all for playing!

map stationery set

map stationery set

map stationery set gold doilies map tags map tags

UPDATE: Well, I was looking at the stationery set late last night, and I asked myself, “What the fuck kind of self-respecting stationery set doesn’t come with a cute little folding pocket envelope thing to hold all its pieces together?” Obviously, none. So I made one for this set, and it’s reusable! 😀

stationery set enviestationery set completestationery set detailstationery set claspstationery set back


48 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Friday the 13th & Valentine’s Day

  1. Ahhh stationery & maps? Oh my beating heart ❤ Saw your post about this competition on the Postal Society & had to come here to check it out. Please add me to this amazing competition!

  2. Love your work. I love Maps, they represent travel & I love Traveling anywhere. Wheels Up, Plane, Train, Bus or Car doesn’t matter to me as long as I can see the US & maybe the world one day. I’m a gypsy soul & love getting to know other cultures & regions. Maps represent that, especially old vintage maps.

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  4. Here is Hannah from Instagram!
    I saw the post earlier at your IG but always forgot to have a look at your amazing, beautiful blog (it seems not to work well at my mobile phone)
    So I would like the join if it’s not too late because these maps are as beautiful as your whole page here!! *_*

      • Not sure why it doesn’t work. 😦
        When I want to have a look at your page I can read a little bit but when I scroll I only see the floral background.

        Ohhh thank you for putting me in!
        I put your blog in my browser-bookmark haha so that I can have a look at it now and than ( I usually always forget blogs’ names 😦 )

      • ❤ That makes me so happy! Even though it doesn't work right, you're willing to put up with it a bit. 🙂

        I'm honestly not quite sure what the hell the problem could be either. XD Hm, I'll do some troubleshooting next week.

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