Prompt 8: Avoidances

What topic (or topics) do you avoid writing about? Why do you think you avoid it? Who or what is it about?

As far as non-fiction goes, I avoid writing about religion, because I feel there’s nothing more to be said about it as a whole, no reason to let it fester in one’s mind in any way. I like to avoid writing about my nihilism because it can be extremely depressing, almost like an endless loop that spirals downward into things that are indistinguishable from paranoia and pessimism. I’ve already gone over these things endlessly in my head, and they wear on me. I try to avoid writing about them in order to keep them from taking over my thoughts and infecting my mind. I’ve learned the hard way that merely thinking about something daily can not only alter the way your brain operates but also make you forget it could ever be any different. So, I try not to let my mind linger on negatives too much. Perhaps if I surround myself with positive things, I can train myself into a new way of thinking!

In my fiction, pretty much anything goes except babies and incest. I do not like either of these things at all. 😦 Now that I think about it, I don’t think a single baby has ever appeared in anything I’ve ever written ever. XD Uhm, pieces of babies have but not a single whole baby. Gosh, this became weird.



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